Multitech Micro-Professor

Manufacturer: Multitech (Hong-Kong)
Model: Micro-Professor (MPF1)
Released: 1978
Processor Zilog Z80A, 8 Bit
Mhz: 1,7
ROM: ?
Operating Systems: Maschinecodes, MPF 1 Monitor, Debugger, Mini-Basic on Eprom
Graphic, Resolution: Text: 1x6 Characters, LED-Sevensegment Display
Colors: monocrome
Sound: Beeper, build in
Ports: 1 I/O Tapedrive, Powersupply, User-Area (MPF1 CPU-BUS), EPROM-Slots
Powersupply: 7,5 to 9 V, inner+, outer -
Keyboard: Typewriter, 36 Keys, Hex
Internal Drives: -
Specials: programming in machincodes
Accessories: Eproms with programs (Demo, Basic)
Launch price: 500,- DEM
Sold Pieces: ?
got own one from: Market DEM 5,-

The Micro-Professor from Multitech is a Learn- and Experimentalcomputer with an Z80 Processor, but without Basic-Interpreter. It can be only programmed in Machinecodes. On a onboard "User-Area" can be tested some Experiments. A Tapedrive-Connector is onboard. The Microprofessor has a Eprom-Slot for Program-Eproms like Demos and Basic.