Creative Labs 3DO-Blaster

Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Model 3DO-Blaster
Released: 1995
Production ends: 1995
Processor ARM60 Risc-Processor 32Bit
Mhz: 12,5
GraphicProcessors: 2 with 25Mhz each
Data Medium: CD, 2xSpeed
Graphic, Resolution: 640x480
Colors: 16,7 Mio.
Sound: 16 Bit, stereo, 44,1Khz
Ports: Expansion-Port (intern), Joypad-Port, VGA-Feature Connector (internal)
Joypad: digital
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: 32 KB batteriesaved SRAM Memory for gamestandings
Accessories: CH Flightstick Pro
Launch price: 3DO-Blaster 799,- DEM, CD-ROM 299,- DEM
Got own one from: new 799,- DEM

The Creative Labs 3DO-Blaster is a PC-Card with a complete 3DO-Console onboard. The Grafic is displayed on the PC-Monitor through overlay (uses the Feature Connector of the VGA-Board). The 3DO-Blaster needed the Panasonic CDR 563B CD-ROM Drive. No ohter drives are working! This CD-Drive was very rare at that time.

On the 3DO-Blaster Board were Connectors for the Feature-Connector of the VGA-Board and the 3DO-Multimedia-Bus. This Multimedia-Bus was used for the VideoCD-Expansion and the planned 3DO-M2 Upgrade. Every 3DO-Model had this BUS-System. But there were never released any Expansions for the 3DO-Blaster-Card. Even the 3DO-M2 was only previed as an prototype in a stand-alone-version. It was never released.

As Systemrequierements for the 3DO-Blaster was a PC386 with an 1MB VGA-Card good enough. This can be explained cause the Blaster uses the PC only to overlay the Grafik.

The 3DO-Blaster Driversoftware was delivered on an 3,5" Disc and instelled on the Harddisc. So it had been possible to edit saved games and such things. But such a software was never released.

The Production of the 3DO-Blaster was stopped imediately. Now the System is a absolute rarity.