Sega Multimega (CDX)

Manufacturer: Sega
Model Multimega / CDX
Released: ?
Production ends: ?
Processor MC 68000 (2x), 16 Bit + Z80A, 8 Bit
Mhz: MegaDrive-Part: 68000: 8 MHz, Z80: 4 MHz
MegaCD-Part: 68000 12,5 MHz
RAM: MegaDrive-Part: 136 KB (64 KB RAM, 64 KB Video-RAM, 8 KB Sound-RAM)
MegaCD-Part: 6 MBit + 64 KBit batteriesaved
ROM: ?
Data Medium: Cartridges, CD
Graphic, Resolution: 320x264
Colors: 64 of 512
Sound: 10 Channel (3 Music, 1 Noise, 6 FM) 1 PCM 22 Khz + CD-Audio
Ports: AV-Video+Audio, second Joypad, Cartridgeslot, Powersupply, Headphone
Joypad: digital, 3 or 6 Firebuttons
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: Mega-Drive, portable CD-Player and Mega-CD in one
Accessories: -
Launch price: 999,- DEM
Got own one from:: used, DEM 350,-

The Sega CDX or Multimega, as named in Europe, is a very exclusive item. Cause of the high Launch Price and an limited Amount it is very rare and now trade for the Launch price again.

The Multimega (CDX) is running any Mega-Drive and MegaCD-Game. With 32X-Upgrade also every 32X-Game.