MB Vectrex Lighpen

Manufacturer: MB
Model: Vectrex Light Pen
Released: ?
Production ends: ?
Unterstuetzte Cartridges: ArtMaster (included), Melody Master, Animaction
Ports: Pluged in the Joystickport of the Vectrex
Sold in: only USA
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from:: used, DEM 400,-

The Vectrex Lightpen is only supported by 3 Cartridges. These are:

- Artmaster: Drawingprogram
- Melody Master: Music, 2 channel
- Animaction: making Animationen

Other planned, but never released Cartridges are:

- ArtMaster II: Drawingprogram
- ArtMaster III: Drawingprogram
- ArtMaster IV: Drawingprogram
- Mail Plane: Learn and Play, Deliver Mails in the USA

The Lightpen will be connected to the left Joystickport of the Vectrex. A Joypad for choosing the functions must be connected to the right Port. Now you can paint with the Lightpen on the Vectrex-Screen.

The Lightpen was sold only in the USA, even so the 3D-Imager.

Today the Lightpen is a very rare collectors item and the price is up to 500,- DEM