VEB Poly Play

Manufacturer: Machine: VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt
Box: VEB Raumkunst Moselt
Model: Poly Play (Arcade)
Released: 1986
Production ends: 1989
Processor: Z80, 8 Bit
Computer-Board: K-1520
Game-Type: 8 Games to choose from, Rabbit and Wolf (Packman), Car-Racing, Shooting and so on...
Graphic: ?
Colors: ?
Sound: ?
Joypad: build in
Ports: -
Powersupply: -
Accessories: -
Specials: The only Arcademachine in the GDR
Launch price: about 35.000 DEM
Price for 1 Game: 0,50 DEM
Sold in: GDR
Sold Pieces: 1000
Got own one from: -